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Is An Early Pregnancy Scan the Right Choice For You?

When it comes to early pregnancy or early dating ultrasound scans, accessibility can be limited within the NHS. These scans provide very valuable insights into your pregnancy, allowing for the monitoring, anticipation, and potential prevention of future complications. Private early pregnancy scans are nowadays affordable and provide some much-needed reassurance and information early on.

Understanding Early Pregnancy Scans

The Early Pregnancy Scan is a private ultrasound examination during pregnancy. It does not only confirms your pregnancy but also ensures that your baby is developing as expected. For additional reassurance during your pregnancy,  visit a nearby clinic in Ashford.

The Advantages of Early Early Pregnancy Ultrasound

There are several compelling reasons to consider an early pregnancy ultrasound:

  • Pregnancy Confirmation - Receive a pregnancy confirmation incl EDT (estimated due date).
  • Excluding Ectopic - Determine whether your pregnancy is located in the right place or it is an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Confirming of single or multiple pregnancy - Find out if you are expecting a single baby, twins, or even triplets.
  • Heartbeat - Most importantly, confirm the presence of your baby's regular heartbeat, depends on the stage of your pregnancy. (if visible in very early stages of pregnancies)
  • Estimated Due Date - Your sonographer can estimate the due date, based on the foetus's size, providing a more accurate due date, even for those with irregular periods.

When Can You Schedule an Early Pregnancy Scan?

Early pregnancy scans can be performed starting from the 7th week of pregnancy. These scans offer peace of mind by confirming your pregnancy and ensuring your baby's health. To schedule an appointment in Ashford, Kent, call Baby Scan Studio Ashford ltd. We are happy to assist you.

Qualified Professionals for Your Ultrasound Scan

Your ultrasound scan will be conducted by a certified, NHS trust registered sonographer with specialised training in obstretics. Feel free to inquire about obtaining printed copies of ultrasound images to take home as keepsakes.

Preparing for Your Early Ultrasound Scan.

To prepare for your early ultrasound scan, attend the appointment with a full bladder. We recommend drinking 2 Pint of water prior to the scan to ensure optimal results. For more info see here. If you are seeking these services in Ashford, contact us or book online.

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