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The Different Types of Private Baby Scans We Provide At Baby Scan Ashford

Everything you need to know

There are many different types of private baby scans so here we’ll look into what they are and the differences between them.

Many first-time Mums can get confused about the many different types of scans available to them, their differences and how they relate to their NHS scans so the following information should help explain if you didn’t find the right information on our  packages pages.

NHS Scans

There are usually two NHS scans during your pregnancy but you may be offered more depending on your own individual needs or the baby's requirements. The two regular scans are usually at around 12 and 20 weeks and differ in that they are designed to check for anomalies in your and your baby's health.

Our private scans are not intended in any way to replace these, your scans with us are for gender, reassurance purposes and the 4D and 5D scans are an amazing opportunity for you to bond with your baby.

Early Pregnancy Scan (From 7 -14 weeks)

Commonly called just an early scan, viability scan or a pregnancy scan. This scan simply determines whether or not you are pregnant. This also tells us if your pregnancy is developing normally and if twins or multiple pregnancies are present. We will demonstrate your baby’s heartbeat and we’ll give you some other important info. Read more here.

Gender Reveal Scan (Now from 15 weeks)

This is also sometimes called a sexing scan and is as its name implies, mainly to reveal whether you are carrying a boy or a girl as well as the other regular information. This is 99.9% accurate and you’ll receive a free 2D print. We also offer a free 4d peek too. If we aren’t able to confirm your gender you’ll be offered a free re-scan. More info here.

Reassurance Scan (14 - 19 weeks)

This is an additional scan to reassure mothers and give them peace of mind, especially if they have been told they have a high-risk pregnancy or are feeling anxious about their pregnancy. This scan package is for additional reassurance. Our sonographer will perform a series of checks for both you and your baby. More details here.

4D (Growth) Scan (Ideally at 26 weeks)

This is a 3D colour moving ultrasound that gives a much more enhanced image compared to traditional black and white 2D scans. It gets called 4D as compared to just 3D scans they are moving images and enhanced quality so you’ll be able to make out facial features and see your baby moving in real time.

We’ll check your baby's growth, weight and health during the scan. You’ll also get a 4D print to take home. More info here.

5D (Growth) Scan (Ideally at 26 weeks)

A 5D scan adds another level of realism to your scanning experience. It also gets called HD Live and this new added layer of realism is the very latest in ultrasound technology. Its more photo-realistic imagery allows a greater bond with your baby during the scan. A 5D scan can also provide all the regular info a 4D scan does and we add a whole lot more for you to take away too. More details here.

3D / 4D / 5D Scan Differences

Summing up the differences between these terms is simple, compared to regular black and white scans, all these scans are moving color images and they only differ in quality. Only newer ultrasound machines with specialized software can perform 4D and 5D scans to give you more detail and HD realism allowing you a much closer connection to your baby during the scanning experience.

If you have any questions, just give Baby Scan Ashford a call and our fully qualified and experienced Sonographer will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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