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How to Prepare For Your Private Early Pregnancy Scan At Baby Scan Studio in Ashford, Kent

Preparing for your private early pregnancy scan at Baby Scan Studio in Ashford is a straightforward process, and a few simple steps can help ensure your comfort during the scan and maximise your bonding experience.

Preparation For a Private Early Ultrasound Baby Scan

If you are scheduled for an early private pregnancy scan, it will be an abdominal scan at our clinic. Therefore you need to remain fully hydrated and keep a full bladder for the best results. Your sonographer will use a handheld Probe on your tummy with some gel lubricant to get the best possible contact and aid movement.

To Best Prepare For Your Scan:

  • Wear attire that can be easily removed from your abdominal area; a separate top and bottom are generally more comfortable than a dress for example. Remember that you may have friends or family present
  • Please have plenty to drink before the appointment and avoid emptying your bladder for 30-60 minutes beforehand, as this helps obtain clearer images. However, if the need arises, don't hesitate to use the restroom, as your comfort is a priority over having a full bladder

Relax And Enjoy The Moment

If you are worried about your scan for some reason, try not to be. We advise to take someone time for your journey. Make sure you feel comfortable upon your arrival. Our experienced sonographer will make you feel at home very quickly so you can enjoy your bonding experience in full. Try to avoid anything stressful before your scan if you can.

Additional Preparations

While not much is needed to prepare for your pregnancy scans, it can be helpful to familiarise yourself with the scan probe and what to expect during your appointment. Ultrasounds are safe and straightforward procedures, but knowing what to anticipate can enhance your comfort.

If you have any questions about your pregnancy scans, don't hesitate to discuss them with your sonographer before the ultrasound is performed.

Advise The Clinic Of Any Extra Requirements

Please give us a call beforehand if we need to make any preparations for your needs for example if you are visually impaired, have limited mobility or need additional assistance with translation/language etc.

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