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Is 4D Ultrasound Safe? - 4D Baby Scanning Safety

Is 4D Scanning Safe?
Is 4D Ultrasound Safe?
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Is 4D Ultrasound Safe for Your Baby in the UK?

Absolutely. 4D baby scanning is considered entirely safe and here at Baby Scan Ashford we operate by strict guidelines laid down by BMUS (British Medical Ultrasound Society) guidelines for the safe use of diagnostic ultrasound equipment and we regularly update our procedures based on BMUS guidance.

4D and 3D ultrasound scans use the exact same technology but with better imaging software. It’s the same technology used in all major hospitals for scans. It’s perfectly safe for your baby and has been used for many years. Currently, there is no evidence whatsoever that current scanning technology poses any biological risk to the mother or foetus. More information on this can be found here and here.

Regardless of this, here at Baby Scan Ashford, we take the safety of you and your baby very seriously which is why we adopt the ALARA method.

What Is The ALARA Method?

The ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) method or principle means our equipment is set to the lower possible settings and we will use it only for a maximum amount of time required for the scan. Our longest scans will not last for more than 20 mins which are perfectly safe. If you have any questions concerning any of this then please give us a call and we will be delighted to go into further detail to help you know that you and your baby are perfectly safe to have a 4d ultrasound scan.

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