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Gender Reveal Extras

Fully Qualified Baby Scan Studio
Boy or Girl Balloon
Gender Reveal Balloons £15

Simply fill it with your choice of pink or blue confetti, then pop the balloon when you’re ready for the big reveal! You’ll be treated to a shower of fluttery coloured confetti! Perfect if you’re planning a baby shower or gender reveal party! 

Gender Reveal Golf Balls – £25

These gender reveal golf balls let you tee-off in spectacular fashion, showing everyone the gender of your baby in a puff of blue or pink smoke.

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Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon – £15

Add a POP of excitement to your gender reveal, pop these confetti cannons to reveal a shower of pink or blue confetti to show your having a girl or boy.

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Gender Reveal Smoke Cannon – £20

Announce your new baby with a bang – this gender reveal paint cannon will let out a puff of coloured smoke with a scattering of confetti to make your gender reveal extra special

Gender reveal double balloon  £39
An amazing way to celebrate!
Without Confetti Mess!
NEW! 😍

A minimum of 2 units must be purchased.

Terms and conditions of bookings:

A £10 Deposit will be required at the time of booking and can be made by Debit Card.
The Deposit will be deducted from all Packages.

Scans are by Appointment only.

Booking Enquiry

Teddy Bear £19.00
CD ROM of all pictures £10.00
Black and white 2D photo £5.00
Heartbeat Teddy Bear £19.00
My First Scan Frame, holds a single picture £8.00
Love At First Sight Frame £10.00
Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon £15.00
Gender Reveal Smoke Cannons £20.00
Gender Reveal Balloons £15.00
Gender Reveal Golf Balls £25.00

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